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It is through YOUR generosity we are able to continue our support for and develop new projects that will enahnce the Theatre itself as an historical asset and its ongoing, unique, contribution to the life and history of Phoenix, the Valley, and the State of Arizona.

Become a FRIEND with a monthly recurring donation. Your recurring contribution of any amount – $10, $15, $25 or more – or one time donation helps support the work we are doing to preserve and share the history of the Orpheum Theater. 

We thank you!

Register with Fry’s Food & Drug Stores and the Friends of the Orpheum Theatre will receive a percentage of the money you spend on everyday purchases.

To designate the Friends of the Orpheum Theatre as your charity of choice 

  1. Sign in to your Fry's V.I.P. online account

  2. Click the "Enroll" button in the "Community Rewards" sections

  3. Provide and/or verify your personal information 

  4. Type in 'Friends of the Orpheum Theatre' then click the "Search" button

  5. Select "Friends of the Orpheum Theatre #80424" then click "Enroll" 

  6. Shop at Fry's!

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