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All That Jazz

As was mentioned in the last edition of the newsletter, one of the items that FOTOT was looking at was the possibility of bringing jazz to the Orpheum. Beginning in January, and continuing through March, the Judy Roberts Trio will be performing in the intimate lower lobby of the Theatre. The Trio, consisting of Judy Roberts on piano, Greg Fishman on sax and bass, and vocalist Renee Patrick, will be performing on the second Tuesday of each month from 4:30 to 8:00. Roberts and Fishman are nationally known musicians, and the trio performs locally at restaurants throughout the Valley during the week.

On a different but related note, the silent screen’s “Jazz Baby”, Clara Bow (aka The “IT” Girl) will be seen in her 1926 film, “Mantrap”. The Silent Sundays presentation, courtesy of the Valley of the Sun Chapter of the American Theater Organ Society, will take place on February 14 at 2:30, and will also feature a personal appearance by the Orpheum’s mighty Wurlitzer organ, which will accompany the film.

FOTOT is offering a special “Romance Package” for that performance. It includes two show tickets plus, prior to the show, champagne and a variety of delicious desserts. The cost is $65 per couple, and it begins at 1:30 on the Orpheum mezzanine. For more info, and to order your Package, please visit our website,


What's Coming Up at the Orpheum - Now & Then


January 8 - Jack Hanna’s Into the World Live! 7:30

January 10 - The Colleen & Jack Show 7:00

January 12 - Jazz @ the Orpheum 4:30 – 8:00

Judy Roberts Trio w/Renee Patrick

January 15 - Theatre League Presents “Million $ Quartet” 8:00

January 16 - “Million $ Quartet” 2:00 & 8:00

January 17 - “Million $ Quartet” 2:00 & 7:00

January 26 - Public Tours Noon & 1:00

February 3 - David Feherty “Off the Tour” 7:30

February 9 - Jazz @ the Orpheum 4:30-8:00

Judy Roberts Trio w/Renee Patrick

February 14 - Silent Sundays Clara Bow in “Mantrap” 2:30

February 19 - Theatre League Presents “The Producers” 8:00

February 20 - “The Producers” 2:00 & 8:00

February 21 - “The Producers” 2:00 & 7:00


February 4, 1935

“Glorifying the American Girl”, the Ziegfeld Follies had for many years been the epitome of theatrical style, featuring lavish costumes and production numbers, and the beautiful Follies Girls. Although Ziegfeld had died in 1932, the Follies still toured occasionally. This performance featured, among others, Fanny Brice (the subject of the biopics “Funny Girl” and “Funny Lady”), and Eve Arden (best remembered as “Our Miss Brooks”).


Support the Friends

Attention Fry’s Shoppers – Donate to the Friends every time you shop at Fry’s, and it’s free. Fry’s is donating $2 million a year ($500,000/quarter) to Arizona non-profits. To participate, go to and register your Fry’s VIP card, and select Friends of the Orpheum Theatre as your non-profit of choice. Remember: your donation is free, and this program is separate from the gas program. Last year, the Friends received nearly $700 from Fry’s. Also: if you are already a member of the Program you have to re-register in August. Just go to the e-mail location shown above and follow the directions to re-enroll.

Give Kids a Boost – It’s often difficult for young children to see what’s happening on stage because they are “vertically challenged.” Now you can help the Friends solve this problem by purchasing a booster seat. The purchase price is $25, and each seat purchased will be labelled with the name of the purchaser. Visit our website, for more information.

Become a Member of the Friends – Join us as we preserve and illuminate the heritage of the glorious Orpheum Theatre. Visit our website to learn more.


Friends of the Orpheum Theatre

A 501c3 nonprofit whose Mission is:

To support the art, culture, and history of the Orpheum Theatre through outreach, education, and volunteerism.

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