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The Sound of Silents Returns

For the first time in over six years, Silent Sundays is returning to the Orpheum. On October 18, at 2:30, the Valley of the Sun Chapter of the American Theater Organ Society will be presenting “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”. Based on a story by Robert Lewis Stevenson, the film, released in 1921 by Paramount Pictures, starred John Barrymore as Dr. Henry Jekyll, a universally admired young physician, whose studies in human behavior lead to experimentation with drugs, with predictably disastrous results.

Barrymore, known as “The Great Profile”, was a famous stage actor and matinee idol. He had done some film work on the East Coast (this picture was shot in New York City), but this film was viewed as a major production. His background in the theater, as well as his amazing talents, made the transition to films relatively painless. He used facial expressions and a minimum of make-up for his transformation from the gentle Jekyll to the loathsome Hyde. The picture was a critical and financial success.

Also, the Orpheum’s mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ will be making a personal appearance on stage to accompany the film.


What's Coming Up at the Orpheum - Now & Then


September 15 - Free Tours Noon & 1pm

September 18 - Grant Woods “The Project” 8:00pm

September 20 - BENISE: Strings of Passion Tour 7:00pm

September 29 - Free Tours Noon & 1pm

October 13 - Free Tours Noon & 1pm

October 15-16 - Phoenix Symphony 7:30pm

October 18 - Silent Movie “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” w/John Barrymore

October 27 - Free Tours Noon & 1pm

October 28-31 - Orpheum Ghost Tours


December 8, 1936

Live on stage: Jack Benny, Mary Livingston (Mrs. Jack Benny) and Ted Lewis, headlining the JC’s Christmas Tree Drive. Already a big star through his radio show, Jack Benny came to Phoenix to raise funds for the JC’s to distribute Christmas trees to the poor. Ted Lewis (whose signature phrase was “Is Everybody Happy?”) was a clarinetist and band leader. The Phoenix Gazette headline read: “Benny, Lewis Star in Yule Tree Benefit”


Support the Friends

Attention Fry’s Shoppers – Donate to the Friends every time you shop at Fry’s, and it’s free. Fry’s is donating $2 million a year ($500,000/quarter) to Arizona non-profits. To participate, go to and register your Fry’s VIP card, and select Friends of the Orpheum Theatre as your non-profit of choice. Remember: your donation is free, and this program is separate from the gas program. Last year, the Friends received nearly $700 from Fry’s. Also: if you are already a member of the Program you have to re-register in August. Just go to the e-mail location shown above and follow the directions to re-enroll.

Give Kids a Boost – It’s often difficult for young children to see what’s happening on stage because they are “vertically challenged.” Now you can help the Friends solve this problem by purchasing a booster seat. The purchase price is $25, and each seat purchased will be labelled with the name of the purchaser. Visit our website, for more information.

Become a Member of the Friends – Join us as we preserve and illuminate the heritage of the glorious Orpheum Theatre. Visit our website to learn more.


Friends of the Orpheum Theatre

A 501c3 nonprofit whose Mission is:

To support the art, culture, and history of the Orpheum Theatre through outreach, education, and volunteerism.

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