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It's Been a Privilege

When I became Board President of FOTOT five years ago, I hoped that we could help increase the public awareness of the Orpheum. To that end, we have increased the number of tours (both public and private), increased our support of the Organ Society's "Silent Sunday" programs, showcased local musicians in our "Downstairs" music shows, and created a unique experience with our "Ghost Tours", highlighting certain "unexplained phenomena" that occurs in the Theatre.

Now that my term as Board President is ending, I want to introduce our new executives. David Stevenson will be Board President, and Joe Atredies will be Vice President.

David Stevenson has been a Board Member of FOTOT for over two years. A resident of Downtown Phoenix, he works for Downtown Phoenix Inc., where he publishes the "What's Happening" newsletter, highlighting upcoming events downtown.

Although Joe Atredies has been a Board Member for only a short time, his relationship with FOTOT and the Orpheum goes back a few years. He had established a business called "Phoenix Ghost Tours", leading walking tours of Downtown Phoenix, stopping at locations where "unexplained phenomena" had reputedly occurred. After he took one of our free public tours of the Orpheum, he suggested having ghost tours in the Theatre. These tours have been extremely popular; some people have taken the tour multiple times.

It's been a privilege to serve with this Board. While our Board is small in number, our members are united in our love of the Orpheum. We will continue to search for ways (movies, perhaps) to bring people into this glorious building. So stay tuned!

Anne-Marie Sittenfeld, Raymond Combe, and Linda Hamm at the Herberger Festival of the Arts in November 4, 2017.


In our last newsletter we honored the lives of two long standing friends of the Orpheum Theatre, Margo Woode and Pete Knobloch. To further establish their legacy, the Friends of the Orpheum Theatre had bricks in their honor added to our "Avenue of Stars".

Purchase your own brick in our "Avenue of Stars".

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